CMC Photos / Videos of the production, CMC Alfa-Romeo P3 Clear Finish, special model Techno Classica 2023

CMC Alfa-Romeo P3 Clear Finish,  special model Techno Classica 2023

Photos / Videos of the production

We all know that the value of a model depends largely on the materials used, the details and the craftsmanship employed. For high-end models, of course, especially; the number of metal parts and clever detail solutions make all the difference here…. Today we are talking about the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3, which is now going into production. Let’s leave aside the historical merits of this legendary race car and focus on the details that make this model so unique.

You may not see it at first glance, but this model has the highest number of parts in CMC’s current range. 85% of the model’s 1,800 parts are made of metal, which is a new high in CMC’s history. Small, delicate and complex machined parts are its trademark. In November 2022, we have already highlighted the special features of this model in a short video. Today, as this model goes into production, we show you more photos directly from the production line for fans to enjoy.

Assembly of the engine suspension

this small base alone consists of an astonishing number, namely 30 individual, small parts; the photos and the video show the meticulous assembly step by step, almost like a mechanical watch.

Assembly of the steering wheel

The small steering wheel consists of 19 individual parts. Even the decorative rivets on the steering wheel hub are inserted individually by hand. To perfectly align the parts in several layers, our clever workers use toothpicks as positioning aids. Otherwise, the mounting holes are hard to find because they are so tiny.

Spark plugs

The spark plugs consist of two parts; the ignition cable is a thin red wire and is also assembled by hand.

Assembly of the engine

At CMC, we faithfully reproduce this engine from the 1930s using 147 individual parts. Some photos and short videos from the production illustrate this. This engine is relatively small and complexly detailed; it would not be possible to assemble it without dexterity, skill and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Brake and suspension

The most striking feature of this CMC model is the large number of small, well thought out and cleverly designed metal parts. This can be seen particularly nicely on the front and rear brakes. The model’s brakes are divided into a brake lever front axle assembly and a rear brake assembly. The brake lever front axle assembly consists of 134 delicate stainless steel parts, while the rear one is hand-assembled from 162 small stainless steel parts. Our requirement is for the front and rear brakes to be movable, so each part must be durable, an exact fit, and free of play so that it does not fall apart, for example, even during transport vibrations. At the bottom of the vehicle, you will see four stainless steel tie rods, which are not only very thin and have a metallic shine, but are also threaded and can be unhooked after loosening the screws. The leaf springs each consist of several layered stainless steel elements. The individual stainless steel elements are stacked by hand to form the spring pack and assembled with small washers placed in between. The shims reduce friction in the spring pack and ensure that it functions as it did in the original.

Each one of these small, shiny stainless steel parts has been carefully designed, produced and finally assembled by hand. The individual parts are made from the finest materials and have a high quality, shiny and refined look, as well as being functional.


Although it is hardly visible in the fully assembled model, the bulkhead consists of 22 individual parts. The surface has an intricate sanding pattern. A decorative rivet is inserted by hand.


This is the result of three years of development, from conception to CAD design to sample builds with trial and error. At CMC, we love our products and our customers, and we’ve done our best to show you how much heart and soul went into this model and to demonstrate its value as a collector’s item.

All photos and videos are from the production of the clear-finish variant (part number M-258).

This clear lacquered version was requested by our customers, so that collectors can see the material used in this model in its original form. The then following models with colored paints are of course made of the same high quality materials as the clear coat version.

The Alfa P3 is one of the most legendary cars in the history of racing and CMC’s craftsmanship and our passion for design and craftsmanship have resulted in a model that is one of the most beautiful jewels in the history of CMC models!