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CMC form novelty 2023

We are proud to introduce the upcoming CMC form novelty for 2023, the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3, 1932-1933.

We expect delivery to start during June 2023 with the first version, the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3 Nuvolari, winner GP Italy 1932, #8 with item number M-219.

M 219 Hero

Our engeneers succeeded in blazing a new trail in the development of the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3. Over 85% of the 1,805 parts in this new item are metallic – a new record at CMC, and this requires far more complex technical processing and material management than the traditional use of plastic and zinc alloy parts.

With this model, which tracks the footsteps of a most successful racing car of all time, we break new ground by making the underbody removable so that the ingenious construction of the P3 is visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the two compressors, other components, together with their line routing and wiring, are also visible on the engine.



the below overview reveals the intricate and high-quality individual parts that are based on the original design down to the smallest detail.

Kleinteile P3 (6)

As in the original, two long metal struts lead to the front axle and actuate the brakes there. The wheel suspension is elaborately based on leaf springs, which, like the adjustable friction dampers, are functional.


Below you will find new videos from our production

Image film of the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3, 1932-1933

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