Entries to the ideas competition

We are overwhelmed by the large number of ideas...

Dear CMC Friends and Participants,

The submission of ideas to commemorate the 25th anniversary of CMC has concluded. We are overwhelmed by the large number of ideas that have reached us over the last few weeks in multifarious forms, be it accompanied by a detailed description, with or without great pictures or beautifully-shot short videos for more vivid illustration!

We see how much passion you have put in your contributions and we thank you very much for actively following our request to contribute your ideas.

It is not easy to pick the best from the large number of submissions. As you can see, we are already screening them intensively and would need more time so as to finish the screening properly in the upcoming weeks.

In the assessment of your proposals, we need to look at their feasibility, as well, which is also time-consuming, and we do not want to rush the process.

After dust has settled down on the selection of the winner, all participants in the contribution of ideas to this event will each receive a small souvenir from CMC.

Your CMC team