Letter from a happy CMC customer

...They bring me joy and make my days more pleasant...

We thank our customers for their understanding and support!

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Content of the letter:

Dear Ms. Jia,

as a long-time admirer and collector of CMC cars, I have of course ordered your book for the 25th anniversary of the brand from my CMC dealer. The content has exceeded my expectations.

Every day I have the originals of my twenty CMC models in the showcase on my eyes and I always discover something on them that I didn’t notice before. They bring me joy and make my days more pleasant, even when I am almost 70 years old.

Thank you very much for this joy from the bottom of my heart.

But back to the book. I really appreciate the balance between the length of the text and the dominant visual part. The picture section is on a high professional level.

I wish you many more years of health and creative courage on your way to the limit of the impossible.

I am already looking forward to the new “Black Prince” who will bring me new joy.

P.S. just a little remark. In my collection I also have the model Ferrari 312 P Berlinetta Racing Coupe (M-096, Series No. 1965). A model that has a really broken engine – it is not well mounted ex works. I only noticed this in the course of time, after the warranty period had expired. I took this defect in diorama with two figures of engineers (Figutec) who thoughtfully “solve” this problem. This diorama is therefore not only beautiful, but also really credible.

Finally a request for a leaflet of the Mercedes “Schwarzer Prinz” 1:18 with your signature. Thank you for your willingness.

Sincerely Dr. Igor Burger